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We offer a wide variety of Zoho services

At ROCO CRM Agency we offer efficient and scalable CRM solutions to manage your sales, marketing and customer service processes. With Zoho CRM, you can easily manage things like contacts, opportunities, sales analytics, and more.  

We take care of the implementation, customization, integration and continuous support of the system so that it works optimally in your business. We tailor our services to the specific needs of emerging or established companies. 

Some of the applications that we use are divided into the following categories  

CRM Sales

This type of CRM is a comprehensive solution that provides great support to sales teams. It allows them to manage and automate their sales processes, thus improving their productivity and profitability.

CRM Management

Zoho CRM Management is a strategic approach capable of improving the efficiency and productivity of your team by automating processes, fostering collaboration and improving communication.


Zoho CRM Marketing is a comprehensive automation strategy that enables you to attract, engage, and retain your potential and current customers.

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Zoho Support CRM allows you to manage all aspects of your customer interactions, from opening tickets to resolving issues.

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Zoho CRM implementation is an ongoing process involving a highly-skilled team of developers working on the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of enterprise software.

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Zoho CRM offers a number of features that allow you to manage your finances and track your income and expenses in one place, thereby helping to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

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About us?

At ROCO CRM Agency, we consider ourselves a team passionate about CRM and committed to helping our clients achieve success. We are proud to be a trusted partner for the effective implementation of CRM solutions that improve the internal processes of companies.

We are results driven and work hard to deliver customized solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients.


We have more than 5 years of experience in the industry, where we have had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of successful projects like yours. 

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We are committed to providing you with the best service possible. That's why we offer you continuous support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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Why should you let us be your right hand in CRM?

The answer is simple: At ROCO CRM Agency we are a company that focuses on obtaining results and growing your business. Our team of experts are passionate about what they do and work hard to develop custom solutions that fit your company's unique needs. Do not look any further!

Among the services that we can offer you for the effective implementation of Zoho, you will find:



We will help you streamline your workflow and improve the efficiency of your business processes through Zoho.



We will offer you all the assistance you need in the migration of data and applications from one platform to another.



We will be with you during the configuration and customization of Zoho solutions, adapting them to your company.



With Zoho's support, you'll be able to automate processes, reduce data duplication, and improve efficiency.



Through the use of workflows, bots, macros and more, we will automate your business processes and tasks.


Countries support us

Throughout our career in the industry, we have had the opportunity to have an impact in more than 15 Spanish-speaking countries.


Fulfilled projects

Today we have participated in more than 600 successful projects.

Where to find advice to Implement your CRM?

Our team of experts will guide you throughout the process to ensure that your implementation is successful and personalized. Optimize your processes and maximize your sales with our help. Contact us now and start seeing the results.

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// Procedure to implement a crm

Steps or Stages

From inside ROCO CRM Agency, we consider it important that you have an idea of what the whole process is like.

Step 01.

Analysis of needs and objectives

Before implementing a CRM, it is important to carry out a thorough analysis of the needs and objectives of the company. This includes identifying the areas in which CRM can help improve the efficiency and processes of the company, defining the objectives to be achieved and establishing success indicators.

Step 02.

CRM system design

It is important to design the CRM system in a way that meets the objectives and needs of the company. This includes defining the data fields to be collected, configuring workflows, defining user roles and permissions, among other things.

Step 03.

Integration with existing systems

The CRM must be integrated with other company systems, such as the inventory management system or the accounting system, to ensure consistency and efficiency in the processes.

Step 04.


The CRM automation process involves the implementation of technologies and tools to automate business management processes, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of customer service.

Step 05.

Testing and implementation of CRM

Extensive tests are carried out to ensure that the system works correctly and meets the established objectives, to later put it into operation.

Step 06.

Monitoring and maintenance

It's important to monitor and maintain the CRM system to make sure everything stays in order. This includes making regular updates and upgrades, fixing technical issues, and ensuring data is up-to-date and accurate.

Step 07.

Proposal for new implementations

Based on the results obtained and the current operation of the CRM System, a series of implementations that could be applied are proposed.

Our clients

At ROCO CRM Agency we are very proud to have collaborated with a wide range of clients to help them improve and grow their businesses. Here are some of these successful projects. 

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Frequent questions

At ROCO CRM Agency we have a wide variety of specialists who are completely willing to answer any question that may be on your mind.

At ROCO CRM Agency we believe that implementing a CRM in your company can bring a series of benefits, including:

  1. Improved information management: A CRM allows you to centralize all your customer information, including purchase history, interactions, preferences, and more. 

  2. Improved operational efficiency: By automating sales, marketing, and customer service processes, a CRM allows you to save time and resources on repetitive tasks and focus on what really matters: serving your customers.

  3. Improved collaboration: By having access to the same information and tools, your sales, marketing, and customer service teams can work together more effectively and in coordination.

  4. Improved customer satisfaction: A CRM allows you to provide better customer service by having access to relevant information about their needs and preferences, allowing you to personalize your approach and increase customer satisfaction.

We have consulted with the specialists that we have at ROCO CRM Agency and we have concluded that there are some requirements that you should consider before implementing a CRM in your company:

  1. Define the objectives: Before implementing a CRM, you must be clear about the objectives you want to achieve with it. Do you want to improve operational efficiency? Increase sales? Provide better customer service? 

  2. Have a good data strategy: A CRM requires a good data strategy to function properly.  

  3. Have the support of senior management: Implementing a CRM requires time, resources, and effort from the entire team. It is important to have the support of senior management to ensure that the project is carried out successfully.

  4. Have a trained team: It is important that the team in charge of implementing and using the CRM has the necessary training to take advantage of all the software's functionalities.

From ROCO CRM Agency we know that the implementation of a CRM in a company may seem like a complicated process, but a series of general steps can be followed to carry it out effectively:

  1. Define the objectives: It is important to be clear about the objectives that you want to achieve with the CRM implementation, to ensure that you are investing time and resources in the areas that really need improvement.

  2. Select the appropriate CRM: Once the objectives have been defined, it is necessary to choose the appropriate CRM platform for the company. 

  3. Create an implementation team: It is important to create a work team dedicated exclusively to the implementation of the CRM. 

  4. Train the team: The implementation team and other employees of the company must be trained in the use of CRM. 

  5. CRM Customization: For CRM to be truly useful for the business, it needs to be customized to fit your specific needs.

  6. Integration with other tools: The CRM may need to integrate with other tools used in the company, such as email, accounting and digital marketing.

  7. Testing and tuning: Before rolling out the CRM to the entire company, extensive testing should be done to make sure it works correctly and fits the needs of the company. 

  8. Launch and follow-up: After the implementation of the CRM, the performance and effectiveness of the tool must be followed up.