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Discover everything you need to know to correctly apply CRM in sales, and thus increase your income exponentially. 

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How we work?

It is important to keep in mind that a CRM for sales offers a wide variety of possibilities that seek to optimize and automate sales processes to improve efficiency and increase the results of your company.

Our work team focuses mainly on the management of the following applications: 

Zoho CRM

It is a tool that helps companies manage interactions with their customers and improve their sales and marketing processes.
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Zoho Bigin CRM Solution

It is relationship management software designed for small businesses that helps manage customer interactions, improve sales and teamwork.
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Zoho Sign

It is an electronic signature tool that allows users to sign documents electronically in a secure and fast way.
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CRM Sales

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What is the objective of the CRM sales?

The idea behind a CRM for sales is to provide sales teams with a centralized platform to record and track leads, contacts, sales opportunities, and business deals.

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Advantages of having a CRM for sales

Having a sales CRM offers many advantages for companies looking to effectively manage their sales cycle. Here we present the applications we use and some of their main benefits:

resource 1

Improve the relationship with the client

Resource 4

Increase efficiency

Resource 5

Improve user experience

Resource 6

Optimize sales cycle management

Resource 7

Reduction of errors and duplication of data

Resource 8

Improve your decision making

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Are you looking for a sales CRM specialist?

If you are looking to improve the sales management of your company, we have your solution. At Roco CRM agency, we offer customized sales CRM solutions that help companies automate their sales processes, improve efficiency and productivity, among many other factors.

Do not wait any longer and contact one of our advisors to get to work on the work of your company.

CRM Sales


How can a CRM for sales help my company?

This type of CRM can be a valuable tool for your company, since it helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process. The software gives you a complete view of all the steps involved, from identifying opportunities to closing sales, facilitating more effective opportunity management and follow-up.

With this tool, you will be able to optimize your sales processes and make sure you don't miss any important opportunities.

Our clients

At ROCO CRM Agency we are very proud to have collaborated with a wide range of clients to help them improve and grow their businesses. Here are some of these successful projects. 

Frequent questions

We present here some of the most frequently asked questions that revolve around CRM for sales.

Although all CRMs share the functionality of managing customer relationships, a CRM for sales focuses on managing the sales process and creating custom reports and specific analytics for the sales team.

Features to look for in a sales CRM include sales opportunity management, sales process automation, custom reports and sales analytics, lead and customer tracking, integrations with other sales and marketing tools, and customization of the user experience.

To make sure your sales team adapts to a new CRM system, it's important to provide proper training and a clear user guide. It's also helpful to assign a project leader who is responsible for implementation and making sure the sales team has access to technical support and ongoing assistance.

The training and support needed will depend on the type of CRM used and the level of experience of the sales team. It is recommended to provide initial training, as well as access to online resources and ongoing technical support.

The integration of a CRM for sales into an existing sales process must be carefully planned. Integration points must be identified, and ensure that the data is in line between the existing sales process and the CRM.

Yes, most CRMs for sales offer a wide range of customization options, allowing companies to tailor the software to their specific needs.

Sales CRMs use security measures such as data encryption, user authentication, and access permission management to protect customer information.