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Zoho Assist Roco Agency CRM

Zoho Assist Roco Agency CRM

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What is Zoho Assist?

It is an application designed to help you effectively manage your customer relationships.



Simple account management.



Reports that evaluate performance.



Relationship with Zoho CRM, facilitating management.



Versatile in a wide variety of business environments.


Make sure with experts.


Increase your efficiency.


Analysis of your results.

// About the service

How does Zoho Assist work?

It is a remote assistance tool that speeds up the resolution of technical problems efficiently and safely. 

A key feature of Zoho Assist is its simple and effective operation. 

Its integrated live chat allows direct communication between the user and the agent during the session and speeds up assistance.

It offers secure file transfer, advanced diagnostic tools, and a focus on security. 

It has encrypted connections and two-factor authentication. 

It is compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices (Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS and Android mobile devices)

Simplifies remote support by providing support teams with the tools needed to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

We can conclude that it is a powerful remote assistance tool that simplifies the resolution of technical problems.

It offers secure connections, shared control, live chat and advanced diagnostics.

Additionally, it allows support agents to efficiently troubleshoot issues on remote devices. 

Lastly, it improves user experience and business productivity.

Enables secure remote access, shared control, live chat, and advanced diagnostics to efficiently resolve technical issues.

It achieves this by providing secure connections, advanced diagnostic tools and live chat, simplifying remote support and ensuring data privacy.

It helps resolve technical issues efficiently and securely, facilitating remote support and improving user experience in real time.

Zoho Assist Roco Agency CRM

Frequent questions

We present some of the frequently asked questions that revolve around the use of Zoho Assist.

Yes, Zoho Assist ensures secure connections using SSL encryption and two-factor authentication options, protecting privacy and data security during remote support sessions.

It offers benefits like integrated live chat, secure file transfer, shared device control, and advanced diagnostic tools. It also easily integrates with other Zoho applications.

Yes, Zoho Assist is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Yes, Zoho Assist is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing you to provide support on smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop computers.


Do you need help implementing Zoho Assist?

If you're looking to optimize remote support and improve problem-solving efficiency, you're in the right place.

At Roco CRM Agency, we offer great guidance on implementing Zoho Assist.

Our specialized team customizes the tool according to your needs, ensuring effective and secure remote assistance. 

With our experience, we guarantee a successful implementation to enhance your technical support and we will be present during the process.

Connect today to explore how we can improve your remote support and simplify problem resolution!